Aleksandra Georgievska (artistically known as Aya Nori) is a Berklee College of Music graduate and seasoned musician with songs on channels like Lifetime and UPtv. 

To commission a work or for inquiries, click the button below. 


What genres of music can I commission?

Music of all genres are available, however Pop, Rock, Dance, and Ballads are more common in my repertoire.

What do you deliver?

Delivery will include high resolution wav, aiff, and mp3 files, alternative versions, and a stems package for easy editing.

How quickly can I expect the files?

Delivery depends on the scale of the project. Same day turn arounds are available but will depend on a conversation and cost evaluation.

What if I'm not happy with the result?

Alterations can absolutely be requested (within reason) until the client is satisfied with the product. 

Do I have to sign anything?

A non-exclusive licensing agreement must be signed before delivery to ensure the work(s) are not reproduced or shared outside of the commissioned purpose.

What if I want to own the songs rights?

Publishing and copyright will remain with Aleksandra Georgievska unless otherwise agreed upon.  

How much will it cost me?

Every project is different so a conversation and evaluation will be the best way to establish a cost.  

* Works with an asterisk are engineered by a third party

** All works are copyrighted by Aleksandra Georgievska and may not be used without written permission

© 2020 Aleksandra Georgievska (dba Aya Nori)