• Curious Holes

Being an Artist

Updated: May 17

being an artist is not making pretty things or pleasant songs.

among other things, it is a lifestyle of curiosity

and poking at the world around you wondering,

"what crevices do the ripples slip into?"

and you can’t help feeling awe and confusion

from watching where the come from

and where they go,

so much so that you’re moved to capture a way to convey that feeling to another

because you want to keep the ripples going

in hopes that you make more sense of them

while trying to recreate them

there’s no end point

there is a starting point,

and that is realizing there is no end

that you are not creating art

you are interpreting what you receive

you are a prism turning white light into a rainbow

your sensitivities and capabilities dictate how you slow and bend the light

and you know the light you monkey with is constant, natural, and abundant

and you may continue receiving and even storing it for later use

for as long as you are willing and able

but you know the light is not you

and you are not in control of the light

you cannot will it to you it by force

you can’t punish it with violence

you can’t undermine its value with politics

you will never hold it for more than a moment of enthusiastic clarity

you can only hope to be in good health,

mentally and physically,

and to be granted opportunity after opportunity

to dial your antenna to increasingly precise locations

to pick up and record even deeper echoes of the universe's secrets

so you study and explore and refine and inflect

so you can share the message

with those who never thought the endeavor added anything of benefit

and with those who do

you have a duty

to never forget that we are here by chance

the stenographer of the only known life form

able to wrestle with its own existence

and everything in front of us is totally unknown!

predictions at best

and everything behind us is a crime scene,

which millions of us are working to solve

so we can collectively inch toward the task of relieving the suffering of nature

an artist provides context for those deep in the task

and helps lighten the thirst for God

an artist creates the logo for the campaign

the picturesque summary of movement

because only in their dedicated fascination

of observing and connecting with the continuum

can they hope to bottle the essence of those tiny messages,

for their own glory and for their fellow man

the messages which abundantly ripple out of the present moment,

instantly ripe and full with seeds

an artist follows those messages as far as their limitations allow,

toward the larger, inaudible symphony of existence

“There are absolute masterpieces which move us intensely: Mozart’s Requiem; Homer's Odyssey; the Sistine Chapel; King Lear. To fully appreciate the their brilliance requires a long apprenticeship, but the reward is sheer beauty - and not only this, but the opening of our eyes with which we see with a new perspective upon the world” Carlo Rovelli, Seven Breif Lessons on Physics

© 2020 Aleksandra Georgievska (dba Aya Nori)