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DAZE - Song & Video Reflection

Updated: Jun 29

I created the demo for DAZE in my home studio in November 2019 while I was working on building a library of music towards a debut album. It came together in a few hours (I'm finding my best work is created quickly) and I decided to focus on releasing it as my third single to keep my momentum going.

Just so you know, writing an album from scratch by yourself is really hard. It's taking me a lot longer than I anticipated, but the process is proving itself. The music for DAZE, unlike my first two singles (Feeling It, and Young & Offended) was entirely written and produced by me. I worked with a producer after I finished the demo, Anthony Lopardo at Westfall Recording Studio, to help me carve out the track and produce my vocals, but otherwise it's entirely my work, which was my goal with this release.

The track, as you'll hear, is much more subdued than my first two singles. I was inspired a lot by the lo fi trend that was getting really popular in 2019 and wanted to make something I'd listen to while driving. I'm really happy with the minimal and hypnotic elements of the song and that the vocal never gets too busy. It's a stark shift from my more belty and harmonized vocals in Young & Offended.

Lyrically, it's still cryptic and metaphoric as a lot of my lyrics tend to be. I like finding ways to convey something that I know is completely personal to me but has the potential to be interpreted by others in their own way. The verses are all anecdotes from when I was having a hard time connecting with a person I was dating. I constantly felt unsure about where things were standing and was always wondering what all these moments that we were experiencing meant to that person. Did they care as much as I did? "Analysis paralysis" comes to mind when I think about DAZE.

The music video was all shot and edited by me at home with some really low quality equipment. I'm not a video producer but I really wanted to make something visual to release with the song. I had originally started preproduction back in March 2020 with Ian Fursa, who had done my first video for "Feeling It". We hired a male dancer and planned this whole choreography in his studio in Philly. Then covid happened and we had to suspend the shooting indefinitely. I cancelled my NYC release show, which was scheduled for April 18th, and kind of got depressed about losing all that work. I decided to not give in and try my hand at doing it myself since I absolutely love throwing myself in the deep end. After a few lighting and camera tests, I basically filmed the whole thing in one day and spent a few more editing it. I think it's important to aim high but also be realistic and forgiving about what you can accomplish with the resources you have. That being said, I think it came out pretty cool for being shot in my bedroom with some shitty lights and a stock lens in 1080p...

The video, ranging from manic outbursts of anger to relaxed slow motion dancing, portrays the spectrum of feelings that we cycle through when we're dealing with uncertainty. Sometimes you feel sexy, sometimes you feel angry, sometimes you feel super distant from people, sometimes you're willing to bare your soul.

Thank you for reading this, listening to my music, watching my video, sharing my links, donating, joining me on premier night, or for doing anything to express to me that you support me. I notice and value every single thing <3

DAZE is finally out in the world! As all babies do, making it, shaping it, and releasing it took a piece of me. On to the next :)

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