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Desire to ReCreate

Updated: May 17

I was watching something on YouTube and one of the related video was "Lofi Hip Hop Mix". A passive thought popped into my head that may have unconsciously done some damage if I had not caught it, and that thought was, "Lofi Hip Hop is so great- I should do that". I say it could have done damage because I often find myself exploring directions I probably should not explore because it naturally takes the time, energy, and resources that should go towards a more focused path.

I realize a large part of my personality is this desire to recreate, and I'm wondering what that is motivated by. Is it;

The need to dissect to understand?

A need to be part of a group that I perceive as successful or desirable?


A lack of survival stress?

An ego that wants to know all?

Empathy that was to relate to all?

What I do know is how hard it is for me to not go down the rabbit hole when my curiosity is aroused. Though, I recognize this is a normal part of taking in the world around us and incorporating those new ideas or skills into our own through mimicking and interpreting. It just seems to be endless for me. I wish I could draw a boundary and focus on being proficient at a handful of things.

Nothing is black and white, though. There are obvious pros and cons to this.

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