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Questions On Comfort

Updated: May 17

Can you look at yourself in the mirror for 5 minutes?

What physical ticks or stresses arise from observing yourself?

Where is the weight in your body?

In your toes? Your heels? Evenly distributed or are you turning your feet out on your sides?

Are your knees locked?

Does the stress feel good?

Does it bring you confront having it in your body?

Do you want to get rid of it?

What would be your first attempt at getting rid of it?

Does that make other stress show up?

Is the new stress in your mind?

Are you worried you don’t understand your own signals?

Are you surprised you don’t have total control over your motor skills?

Are your eyes relaxed or are there hints of fear and hurt?

Can you trace back to when and where those insecurities may have started?

How do those memories float around your mind?

Do you sort them quickly?

Do you know who the instigator was?

Do you feel like a victim?

Do you want to be a victim?

How would you behave differently if you were not a victim?

What steps must be taken to feel vindicated?

Could you take those steps?

Does revenge have a stake in this redemption?

How about coming out on top?

Do you feel excitement when dominating a conversation?

Does one have submit to satisfy your pain?

Do you feel more at ease when on a power trip?

Do you feel unstable when you are not the one


Can you imagine this series of questions being asked by someone else?

Do you believe you can answer them correctly on behalf of someone you feel close to?

© 2020 Aleksandra Georgievska (dba Aya Nori)